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Koji 1c, success!!

It worked!!! It’s alive!!! So 48 hours after starting a new batch I have an end product! I discovered it in this state just after waking up, and as a lot of it looked like it was already sporulating and I was kind of going for the culture, I took the least-sporulated side i found.Continue reading “Koji 1c, success!!”

Koji 1b

I should read my inbox before I do stuff in the morning… So I tossed it out. It was soaky wet with actual pools of water, and only the bits and pieces that weren’t in the muk but on the sides of the tub instead had a bit of growth on them. Then I readContinue reading “Koji 1b”

On the alchemical tradition

Often seen as bordering on the occult, a tradition encased in time by witchcraft on one side and chemistry proper on the other side, alchemy is often percieved as being a failed attempt at understanding chemical transformation. A slightly deeper glance into alchemy quickly finds a more spiritual, psychological element, so if you want toContinue reading “On the alchemical tradition”

A Big-5 based pantheon

Recently I daydreamed up a creation myth that’s entirely humanistic, but also has god-like mythological underpinnings. I have little regard for the consistency of Ouroboros vs Gaia, Sol, Atun, and all other gods that inhabit the same meaning but different names. I’ll use them where and when I see fit. It’s about the Ouroboros andContinue reading “A Big-5 based pantheon”

Fruity keto crumble

I promise I won’t turn this blog into a recipe blog, but today (june 10th) being my birthday my mother made a sort of cake for me that I feel I have the duty to post on here. Before I started doing keto, my mom’s apple pie was my favorite. I had her make itContinue reading “Fruity keto crumble”


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